December 07, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 566

Naruto Manga Chapter 566 Eyes and Beasts

To adjust the situation of the fight, the eight tails has gotten huge. By using eigh tail whirl - wind, forest becomes flattened. Even HQ can feel a huge amount of eight-tails chakra, Bee has already transformed into his tailed beast form. On the other side, while the five hokages are holding back Madara, it seems like the other squads will have annihilated their targets in just a little more time, once they're finished, all of the seven ninja swordmen will be sealed.
Back again with Naruto and Bee, it seems the enemies are down and Bee take initiatives to seal them with seal technique octopus hold. It's one of Bee's seal techniques, in three seconds, the ink will completely cover their bodies and freeze them. But it looks like didn't work for them, because the enemies all just powered up. All of them turned into beast form and launch attack together. Bee and Naruto are being pushed back. Naruto in a powerless position, the masked man took advantage and moved to attack Naruto. But Kakashi and Might Guy come in time to save him. They used Naruto as bait and waited for the moment when the masked man materialized to touch Naruto. Now they have a sharingan and the noble green beast of Konoha between them, lol.

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