December 14, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 567

Naruto Manga Chapter 567 The Jinchuuriki Of Konoha

This is very exciting when Sasuke shows up, he is ready to enters the battlefield. I wonder how much his power changed. But we have to wait till the next chapter to see that.
Back Again to the previous chapter, Kakashi and Bushy Eyebrows sensei came to help Naruto and Bee facing of The masked man (Tobi) and his Jinchuurikis army. But the situation not change much when in their side Bee and Eight-tails still got hurt from the previous attack. The most suprising thing is about the other Jinchuurikis seem didn't want being controlled either by Tobi. Tobi hasn't assumed complete control over them. Naruto and the eight-tails could hear their voice, know their emotions, because they all basically the same kind species. Even the nine-tails inside Naruto also join in their own conversation, but the nine-tails seems looking down upon the other Jinchuurikis. Seeing the nine-tails and eight tails are fighting and mocking each other, Naruto is laughing.
Kakashi warn Naruto to not too relax because the enemies are starting to attack again. Under Kakashi's command they are trying to find a way to defeat them. But Tobi knows that they've already developed strategies to counter all of pain's abilities so he doesn't use pain's abilities in order not to waste his chakra. Naruto decided to use shadow clones as diversions and try to hit the mask guy straight on. But before he make that move, the four-tails and six-tails attack him and Bee. The nine-tails chakra reaches its limit. What will the nine-tails show naruto?

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