December 26, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 568

Naruto Manga Chapter 568 The Four-Tails : The Sage King OF The Apes

Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gay have been pinned down by the rampaging tailed beast. A dangerous predicament, Naruto has been catched and in a difficult position. While Kakashi and Gay have to take care of the others beast, they can't help Naruto. Even Bee and Eight-tails cannot do much to save him from the Four-Tails's grip.
The eight-tails tried to persuade the nine-tails to lend strength to naruto, but the nine-tails's hatred made it difficult to happen. Even so apparently the nine-tails slightly softened to him and take him inside four-tails body. Naruto met and talk with The Sage King OF The Apes Songoku. With talks going on, the four-tails begin to understand the feelings of naruto and his seriousness to be friends with them. By looking at it all Songoku began to cooperate and willing to become Naruto's ally. In this chapter we finally know that the actual name of the nine-tails is Kurama. And also the reason why the nine-tails is so man-hating.


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