January 18, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 570

Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Kurama

With all the effort, Naruto finally managed to pull out a stake from the four-tails body and destroy it with Rasengan. The nine-tails wish comes true and looks so happy. But it's not done yet, it seems that stake was just a temporary way to bind the four-tails chakra to the jinchuriki's body. Its Chakra is still in the hands of the masked man, through his demonic statue of the outer path.
Naruto looks so upset about that and the four-tails can see that Naruto was being serious about saving him. So then Songoku decides to help him out, but before they were finishing talking, the demonic statue suck the four-tails up. It's not good situation for Naruto, he looks really tired after stopped one beast. And the masked man is starting become serious, all the remain tailed beasts have turned into their beast form.
Seeing that situation, Kurama or the nine-tails offers to lend strength to naruto. But before that, Naruto want to talk about something to Kurama. Naruto is thanking to the nine-tails after saving him back there with Madara. but Kurama personality won't admit it and act as if it just a good way to kill some time. Is it true? No, because right now the nine tails inside Naruto has been changed, just like hachibi. And now a pair of duos are preparing to fight remaining tailed beast.

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