January 26, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 571

Naruto Manga Chapter 571 Bijuu Mode
With the new power from Kurama, Naruto ready to fight remained tailed beast. They are in bad shape and worst situation, Kakashi and Guy were being cornered by five tailed beast and ready to use their last strenght to defense from tailed beast's attack. Five bijuu damas at point-blank range are heading toward them, but Naruto use his father jutsu "Flying Thunder God Technique" to save kakashi and Guy from being crushed by bijuu's power and reflected all of them.
The masked man suddenly change his strategy and ordered all tailed beast to attack using their brute force. But Naruto finally pull of the bijuu transformation and stopped them for a moment. Naruto need to pinpoint exactly where the rods are on each of their bodies quickly because he didn't have much time in Bijuu Mode. It's not an easy task, but with the help of Bee and eight-tails, Naruto found all of their rod locations.
The masked man didn't like that situation and planning on killing them right away. All of tailed beast are concentrating their power together into one gigantic attack. And Naruto is planning on using the same amount of power to negate it. Both of gigantic bijuu dama crash each other in battleground. What is gonna happen on them?

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