February 01, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 572

Naruto Manga Chapter 572 The Nine Names
Two gigantic bijuu dama crashed, such an incredible power. Naruto is trying to hit the enemy's sphere a little below in order to make it rise. He did not waste that opportunity, within a very short he got the stakes from all of kyuubi and remove them at the same time. But before that happen, Naruto suddenly entered the space as when he met son. It's all happen because Naruto completely linked with the nine-tails, so he can enter into a deeper level of the bijuu's counsciousness.
It's very funny to see naruto's cry after meet with one of them (the former fourth mizukage) because naruto thinks he's still very young and fragile than him as a jinchuuriki and yet died so young, lol. Back to the story, they gathered together because of the Yonbi's request, promised yonbi that they would remain there in order to tell naruto something. And then all of them introduce their name to Naruto. So right know we know all the nine names of tailed beast and their Jinchuuriki. We already knew about One-tails and Gaara, Two-tails name is matatabi and the jinchuriiki is Nii Yugito, Three-tails name is Isopu and the jinchuuriki is the former fourth Mizukage Yagura, Four-tails name is Son Gokuu and the jinchuuriki is Roushi, Five-tails name is Kokuou and the jinchuuriki is Handa, six-tails name is Saiken dan the jinchuuriki is Utakata, seven-tails name is Choumei and the jinchuuriki is Fuu, the eight-tails and nine-tails you all already know.

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