February 22, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 575

Naruto Manga Chapter 575 Stone Will
Now we are back again in a fierce battle between Madara Vs The Five Kages. Tsuchikage  Oonoki standing on a giant rock monster and prepare to fight Madara.. but Madara is using the 1st hokage's jutsu "Mokuton Kourin Kajukai" and giant roots wood wrapped around body of a giant rock monster and crushs it. Roots wood sprung of land and created forest in an instant. Gaara prepare the sand and then transporting Tsunade and Mizukage into the air so as not being crushed by expanding forest. Madara artificial forest is truly amazing, not just wood, even now overgrown with giant flowers.
Adding the worst situation for the five kages, Madara releases his Susanoo and attack them. Thereafter, Madara goes on to bursts of fire "Katon Kouka Messhitsu". In a critical condition they tried to fight back but had run out of power. In a Moment, it occurred a Flasback of little Oonoki was cleaning a rocks and watched by previous Tsuchikage. Oonoki complained about his country  symbols and compared with konoha symbol that look much better. And Tsuchikage explained to him that those stone is the symbole of their shinobi village's strong will.
And little by little after remembering him past and the advice from previous Tsuchikage, Oonoki gain his last power. With his power, he was immediately attacked by Jinton Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu,  Oonoki shot fire elements of dust that is really devastating to the air, and splitting the forest created by Madara. The five kages regain their consciousness and suprise when looking at Madara's body. It seems Kabuto implanted 1st Hokage's chakra on Madara's body and that was the reason why Madara is even able to use the mokuton. Meanwhile at Sasuke, he was ready to go and then go into the woods. Then by accident, he ran into Itachi, Sasuke looks shocked.