February 28, 2008

Second Hokage (Nidaime) Profile Review

Name : Nidai (Nidaime)
Brother : Shodaime
Grandcousin : Tsunade
Student : Sarutobi (3rd Hokage)

Rank : Second (2nd) Hokage
Nature Chakra : Water elemental

Nidaime Profile Review
With The First Hokage as his older brother, Nidaime as the 2nd Hokage along with Shodaime founded the Hidden Leaf Village. Nidaime became the next Hokage after his brother stop down from being Hokage. Both of them died without explained why or how did they die? But exactly their soul have been prison in Third Hokage Cloning Shadow with the Forbidden technique Dead Demon Consuming Seal, that only 3rd and 4th Hokage could do it. It was happened When Orochimaru resurrects Nidaime and Shodai, Kin Tsuchi houses Nidaime's soul. After being turned into a killing machine, he fights his former student. Finally their souls go to the "belly of death" which no one can escape.

Nidaime Abilities
Second Hokage has very powerful water jutsus (even when there was no water). Some of his attacks include Water Dragon Blast Skill, Water Formation Wall, and Water Wave. He also popular with his great sword "Raijin", which was made from 2nd pure power (chakra) and it was been saved inside his body.

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Anonymous said...

watch for your grammar.
FYI: 1st hokage died naturally and nidaime was killed during the 1st ninja world war