February 28, 2008

Third Hokage (Sandaime) Profile Review

Name : Sarutobi (Sandaime)
Age : 69
Sensei : 1st hokage & 2nd Hokage
Student : Tsunade, Jiraiya & Orochimaru

Rank : Third (3rd) Hokage
Nature Chakra : Earth elemental

Sarutobi Profile Review
The Third Hokage (Sarutobi) is the Konohagakure chieftain. He would probably have retired as Hokage of the village twelve years ago had the Fourth Hokage not sacrificed himself in order to seal the Demon Fox. He's now quite old, and he mostly does administrative jobs like running the academy, assigning missions to the ninja teams, and other such tasks. He has a son with Jonin rank, his son's name is Asuma Sarutobi. The 3rd Hokage was killed while using a forbidden jutsu in an attempt to kill Orochimaru (his former student). Although he failed, he did take away the use of Orochimaru's arms so that he may never perform a ninjustu ever again.

Sandaime Abilities
The Third was once called The Professor, due to his vast knowledge of jutsu, purportedly knowing all the jutsu in Konoha. During the only battle he is seen in he utilizes a number of attacks that deal with spitting fire or manipulating earth. The Third also has a personal summon: the Monkey King, Enma. Enma can transform into an indestructible, extendable staff that the Third can wield with great proficiency. Despite all of his abilities, the Third seems to have had some sense of lecherousness in him as he spends much of his free time talking to young girls and even succumbs to Naruto Uzumaki's Sexy Technique on one occasion.
The last ability from the third was Dead Demon Consuming Seal (Forbidden Technique where only 3rd and 4th could do it), it was used to try and seal away Orochimaru's soul.

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he also has a grandson..konohamaru.