February 28, 2008

First Hokage (Shodaime) Profile Review

Name : Shodai (Shodaime)
Brother : Nidaime
Grandson : Tsunade
Rival : Uchiha Madara

Rank : First (1st) Hokage
Nature Chakra : Fire elemental

Shodaime Profile Review
The First Hokage is one of the most powerfull village in existence, he is extremely strongest shinobi from Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure). Konohagakure was founded by an alliance between the Uchiha and Senju clans, which were led by Madara Uchiha and The First Hokage, respectively. The two leaders eventually quarreled, and The First Hokage and Madara fought at the Valley of the End, a fight which the First won. Shodai, and his brother Nidaime (the 2nd Hokage) trained the current Hokage, Sarutobi (the 3rd Hokage) to be next hokage. Though they both died early in their leadership leaving Sarutobi to train himself.

Shodaime Abilities
One of the Jutsus that only Shodai knows is Forest Genesis, where he feeds his chakra to the surrounding plant life making them large and strong and to trap his opponents. The 1st's ability was a blood inheritence that only ran in his clan. there are 5 basic types of chakra a ninja leans on, they are, wind, water, fire, water, and earth. The 1st's clan's ability was the capability of mixing the two types of elements, water and earth in order to make the element,wood.
Shodai another unique ability was the power to control jinchuurikis and bijuus. Thus, being able to calm down the raging chakra of the tailed beasts. This ability was enhanced into the necklace of tsunade. since naruto wears it, Yamato can keep him under control with his abilities.But it seems that orochimaru greatly coveted this ability, and did a terrible experient on it so that he can also gain this ability. he used lots of children who also had this ability
(most likely from the same clan) of the 1st Hokage but ended up as a failure and all the children died in the process, leavung only one child alive, Yamato. so currently, yamato is the only guy that has the abilities of the 1st.

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