September 07, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 554

Naruto Manga Chapter 554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit

After beating 2nd Tsuchikage, Naruto come into another battlefield and have to face the strongest past Raikage. With no strings attached, Naruto attack him with Rasenshuriken, but it's not easy task because all Raikage are incredible fast. Naruto need some kind of diversion in order to hit him with Rasenshuriken and it work. But the 3rd Raikage are frighteningly powerful, he still stood even after being hit with Rasenshuriken and counterattack. By using earth technique, they try to defense their life from Raikage's strongest jutsu "Four-Fingered Hell-Bringer Hand (Jigo Kudzuki Yonhon Nukite). Its just like Kakashi's Raikiri and Sasuke's Chidori. Their defense not strong enough to stop it even caused more victim in squad join army's side. The Third's Raikage not only have Hellbringer as his strongest weapon but also his tough resilient body able to withstand any kind of jutsu which make him become the strongest shield. But Naruto find a hope to defeat him after seeing a scar on his chest. That scar was caused by the rampaging eight tails, so Naruto try to hit him with Bijuu Ball (The Bijuu Dama). Have the result of his training come to fruition?


Movie Critic Reviews said...

I personally love when comedic actors do serious roles. I think it benefits both the audience and the actor. Just think if robin williams never did a serious role. As somebody who loves everything comedy, I feel like a good serious role deepens my love for that actor and impresses me when they can nail both. Also it goes the other way to. Good dramatic actors doing hilarious comedic characters... Tom Cruise... Boom

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thanks for comedic